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Whatsapp Plus (Latest version 6.65)

Updated version of 10.11.2018


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This is the latest version of Whatsapp Plus. Whatsapp Plus is not available in Play Story, so you can easily download and update this application from our site. Note that this is Whatsapp + AntiBlock. This means you will not be blocked whatsapp when you use whatsapp plus. Unlike the usual whatsapp, you can make your whatsapp colorful by downloading themes to your taste. Also whatsapp plus gives you the ability to keep track of your last appearance so that you can protect your privacy. Whatsapp Plus has more features than usual whatsapp.

Installation - Update

* You do not have to delete the usual whatsapp to download Whatsapp Plus. If your phone number is 2, you can use 2 whatsapps per phone. Simply download the Whatsapp Plus and register with the second number.
* Whatsapp Plus is required to upgrade the version as new features are added. If the Whatsapp Plus requires up-to-date, the latest version will be prepared and presented to you during the day. You do not need to delete the old version while updating. Install the new version from our site. Your Whatsapp Plus will automatically update.
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Whatsapp Plus - Latest Version(v6.65) 2018 | Silent.Az
This is the latest version(v6.65) of Whatsapp Plus. Whatsapp Plus has more features than usual whatsapp.
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